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I now need a break from my break...

I intended to rest over this long weekend, honest. But somehow, it never quite happened. Or maybe I did rest and now I'm tired from the resting. This weekend's rest included:

  • Eating Thanksgiving dinner with Jeff at Trellis on Thurday and then dropping Jeff off at the airport.
  • Finishing knitting Jess' dreads, felting them, and making them into a hair piece.
  • Completely cleaning and organizing my previously out-of-control craft room.
  • Cleaning the kitchen and living room. (Ok, not that thrilling, but had to be done.)
  • Putting up the Advent Calendar, adding new activities to it, and filling it with candy goodies.
  • Making experimental spinach and artichoke dip (yum) and having people over for another installment of DVD day featuring Doctor Who.
  • Crafting a small tree's worth of nerd ornaments and decorating said tree. See photos of the results.
  • Going to I Heart Indie (a craft fair) with Jess and discovering Jess' completely awesome and hidden rock shop in Kirkland.
  • Hauling out all of the Christmas decor out of storage and assembling the tree. It's got half of its lights on it, but my other strands are burnt out, so I must get more. That's probably a job for later, though.

I had planned on getting the tree completely up along with the rest of the Christmas decor as well as making some eggnog, but I think those will need to wait for another day. I need a break!
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