Jonobie Ford (jonobie) wrote,
Jonobie Ford

Cardiff, but mostly London (Day 8)

There were two things I really wanted to do on this trip and I have now done both:

1. Get a picture of me and the Tardis ( Yay, Cardiff!)
2. Sketching from one of the plaster casts or sculptures at the V&A (Victoria and Albert museum, to those of you who are not trying to pretend to be Londoners)

Oh, Victoria and Albert musem, let me count the ways I love you. You're free, you have rooms upon rooms upon rooms of Cool and Random Stuff (an entire four galleries devoted to forged iron work - gates, poles and the like!), you let me take as many flash photos as I want, you provide stools for me to sit on so that I can sketch in comfort... On a second thought, I don't want to be here all day typing everything I love about the museum. Suffice to say that I think it just might be my favoritest museum in the entire world, and I still haven't even been in all of the rooms.

Today I jilted Cardiff and ran back to my true love, London. (Erm, I mean my true love if I'm talking about cities, not you, Jeff, if you're reading this.) Immediately upon arriving, I dumped my bags and rushed to "my museum", intent upon finding the perfect plaster cast to draw. Sadly, the room with all the human figures was closed. However, the ginormous figure of Michelangelo's David was clearly visible and his head was at eye level from the balcony, so I settled down to draw him. I caught some of the likeness, but it wasn't perfect; I'd rate it a C. Still, I had a blast, was photographed by multiple other tourists as part of the "color" of the gallery, and David was a champ and didn't fidget a bit while I was drawing him.

When I finished, I wandered around some of the galleries, noted that the European sculpture room had another hundred or so additional willing models who would stand still for as long as I needed them to (did I mention that I LOVE this museum?) and giggled over the fact that there were tins of digestives on display in another room.

Photos available on Facebook, beginning here:
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