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London, day four: Woman completes 8 miles in 3 hours because of tea detour

Today was a lazy day, so not so many pictures. I did laundry this morning (and actually took a picture of my clothes on a line, but decided there was a limit to the depths I was willing to descend to get readership. Pictures of my smallclothes do not need to be posted on the Internets.

Speaking of, even the Internets have a foreign flavor in England. Before I went on the trip, I used to use Weather Underground to check London weather. It would helpfully provide me information in Fahrenheit. Now when I go to the same site, it not so helpfully shows it to me in Celsius, because it detects that I'm coming from the UK. Facebook keeps asking me if I want to help translate the site into "UK English", which gives me a little giggle every time I see the dialog. (I'm not sure what it expects - should I run around and replace "restroom" with "toilet" every time I see it?)

I finally got out the door around 11 with a plan to go to Hyde park and Kensington Gardens (really just two halves of one big park) and scout around for running purposes. I should have probably just set out with my running gear, but was too chicken to go out the first time without a map.

Hyde park, where my buddy Henry VIII went hunting (game, not women... usually):

Kensington gardens:

Partway around the approximately 4-mile loop, I realized I was both hungry and right next to The Orangery, a restaurant on the Kensington Palace grounds. I remembered reading about their tea in several guide books, so I detoured in to have a look. It was quite elegant (I was almost, but not quite, too under dressed for the place in my tourist walkabout garb), and I had the "Orangery Tea", which included a delight so amazing that I had to ask the waiter what it was, only to be informed it was a fruit scone. A scone! It looked and tasted so little like what passes for a scone in the US that I'm afraid there needs to be some consumer protection law passed requiring coffeehouses to rename those dry triangular things they sell. REAL scones apparently are round and delicious. Who know? (Ok, anyone reading this from the UK, please put your hand down now. I know your entire country knew. You could have shared sooner, is all I'm saying.) Oh, yes, I was so taken by my scone that I completely forgot to snap a picture of the beautiful setting. But they helpfully have one online. See here - it's lovely! I was at the third table on the left.

After tea, I came back to the room, donned my running gear, and went back out around the four-mile (ish) loop. Unfortunately I don't know exactly how long it is, because it took between a quarter and half mile for my GPS to find the satellites. (It finally correctly used the "Have you moved hundreds of miles?" dialog.) My second loop was significantly quicker (~44 min for 3.75 miles) than the first, because despite being tempted, I refrained from detouring for tea a second time.

I'm now heading out to meet friends in Covent, where we're getting dinner and then going to see Carousel at the Savoy Theatre.
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