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It's interesting to see resolutions from years past, and to note they haven't changed all that much. I started in 2007 with "Exercise", "Take Risks", and "Maintain contact", and in 2008, I swapped exercise with "Spend time learning". "Spend time learning" was a worthy idea, but it was too vague to actually cause significant change to my behavior.

I still use Joe's Goals for resolution tracking, with mixed success. I'll have months when I'm great about tracking, and months when I'll completely forget to add check marks.

Anyhow, this year's 3 resolutions are:
Train for Boston 2012
I dropped exercising to my "habits" list last year, but it moves back up into resolutions this year as a more specific goal. To meet this, I need to do my training runs, plan and run races, cross-train at least once a week (preferably twice), eat sensibly to keep my weight down and my speed up, and do my leg strengthening exercises.

Provide feedback to others
This is a more specific version of my earlier "take risks". I've gotten better about just doing instead of asking, and don't feel like I need to work on that this year. What I do need to keep working on is providing feedback to others on how they're doing. This means noting specific behaviors so that I can describe them to people. (Instead of just remembering my judgments about the behaviors, which is usually all I remember later.) It also means taking opportunities that arise to practice giving constructive feedback. (I love giving positive feedback! Constructive feedback is harder. Both are extremely important.)

Maintain contact
This moves forward from the past two years. If I'm not careful, I forget to drop people an email every now and again and don't reach out to others to do social things. I still have friends and acquaintances scattered everywhere and want to keep those relationships up.

My smaller goals haven't changed from previous years: Inbox at zero (I was reminded this week how important this is), Do something crafty (something I've done a lot more this year and loved), and Do something you've been avoiding (always good for a quick boost of satisfaction).


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Jan. 16th, 2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
Re: I'm always impressed
Aww, thanks! I find the maintaining contact difficult, too. It's a bit easier now thanks to Facebook, but still requires me to remember.

So have your new animals arrived yet? :)
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